These videos are only intended for entertainment and motivation to view and experience other peoples perspectives, and how those concepts and ideas have worked for them and others like minded. These Ideas and principles have helped me succeed more in life and achieving freedom, that’s why I’m sharing them with you. :)

Gold Rockstars Mindsets and Attitudes to succeed at Karatbars

Not only is it possible for you to live your dreams, but it’s NECESSARY!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Amazing Story Do what ever it takes!

Starting over with a fresh perspective on our lives sometimes is exactly what we need to make the necessary changes to create a different outcome. In the video Tony Robins pinpoints some areas that are causing the current outcome and offers suggestions that had a huge impact on many lives. ( Warning! Tony uses lots of bad language to create a shock value to get people to take notice and listen ) 

Will Smith Explains how being focused, Making other peoples lives better, working hard, Keeping a open mind and Not having a plan B to subtract from plan A has helped him get where he is going!

Tony Robins shows a simple formula of certainty that can change everything for you! You have to win in your mind with total certainty of the out come before you even start something, because it will be the deciding factor of how far you will get every time!